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Effortless HR - Is it possible with HRMS?

Effortless HR-- the term sounds appealing. But, can it be true with HRMS?

A good analogy would be the transition from a typewriter to a computer. Are certain tasks easier, making for effortless HR? Perhaps... But, the new technology opens up the potential for new activities and communications.

So yes, HRMS makes HR a lot better and more efficient, but effortless HR remains an elusive concept. The good news is that HR administrators can shift from lower value clerical tasks to higher impact strategic tasks.

Effortless HR... maybe not. But effective HR--- yes, HRMS truly delivers.


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Total Benefit Solutions, Effortless HR, HRIS

HRIS provides total benefit solutions for your company.

But, there is no such thing as effortless HR. In fact, you may need to get motivated before HRIS can provide total benefit solutions for your company.

Knute Rockne sure knows how to get us fired up-- while there may not be effortless HR, HRIS will make your life a lot easier.

Key functionality includes:

* Online enrollment / employee self service

* Benefits administration

* Time off tracking / time and attendance

* Applicant tracking

* Performance management

* Wellness

* Surveys

* Workflow and onboarding

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Typically, it makes sense to have a narrow focus during an HRIS implementation. For example, you're top priority may be to provide total benefit solutions. In this case, you would focus on benefit administration for an upcoming open enrollment. Once you successfully implement HRIS for that purpose, you can broaden your scope to include some of the othe HR software functionality, such as applicant tracking or performance management.

Comtact us today for a personalized HRIS assessment. It may not be effortless HR, but we can provide the total benefit solutions that you have been seeking.


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Total Benefit Solutions, Effortless HR, HRIS

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