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HR and Payroll -- Integrated solutions are here

HR and payroll are critical to an accurate, efficient, and effective approach to human capital management.

Although HR and payroll are central to the success of your company, too often the HR and payroll technolgy solutions have lacked integration.

No longer. An integrated HR and payroll solution is available through the Infinity Payroll Sync. This allows HR and payroll data to be continually be updated between the HR and payroll systems. This compares to the batch file approach or even dual entry.

Learn more about the Infinity Payroll Sync.


HR and payroll data are continually updated. This solution is in place with licensees of the Millennium payroll software and is also available for Evolution Payroll Software. Dual entry is no longer necessary for HR and payroll systems.

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Evolution Payroll and Infinity HR teaming on real-time interface

Evolution Payroll Software and Infinity HR are working together to provide a real-time payroll interface.

This will help broaden the Evolution Payroll offering to effectively include Evolution HRIS / Evolution HRMS.

Evolution Payroll Software provides a solid payroll solution for many local and regional payroll service bureaus across the country. Evolution payroll had lacked an "Evolution HRIS" or "Evolution HRMS". In order to more effectively compete with ADP HR/B and Paychex BeneTrac, Evolution Payroll licensees have worked with Infinity HR on a real time payroll-HRIS sync.

This allows Evolution payroll licensees to offer more effectve employee self service (including pay stubs and W2s) as well as robust HRMS through Infinty HR -- it truly enables Evolution Payroll Software liceness to offer the Evolution HRIS / Evolution HRMS that they have long sought.

The Evolution payroll interface with Infinity HR allows users the best of both wolds -- solid payroll (delivered by Evolution Payroll Software) and robust HRMS by Infinity HR. This eliminates the need for double entries in Evolution Payroll Software and/ or Infinity HR's HRMS (aka HRIS or HR/B).

For more information on the Infinity HR - Evolution Payroll Software interface, please click on the icon below for a consultation.


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