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Innovative HRIS - What can we learn from Steve Jobs?

You won't have to look very far to see how Steve Jobs impacted your life.

Chances are you will use an iPhone or read a newspaper on an iPad, or listen to your iPod sometime today. And if you don't, look no further than the Toy Story paraphanelia that litters your home (maybe that's just me-- we have a 2 year old and Buzz and Woody are some of her best friends).

At Infinity HR, we are inspired by Steve Jobs-- he pushes us to develop innovative HRIS (or innovative HRMS, depending on your prefered acronym). Before the iPads and iPads, Jobs revolutionized the uder-interface for computers. His desigs were clear, elegant, and powerful. They are the brass ring that we reach for as we continue to improve our HRIS / HRMS. And with his influence, innovative HRIS / innovative HRMS is not merely a goal, it is a necessity. Because yes, he has inspired a whole generation of software developers.

And the results are tangible-- employees can view Infinity HR on their iPads - and HRIS on iPad (or HRMS on iPad) is the wave of the future. It will continue to crest over time.

But even while some of us pursue effortless HR with innovative HRIS, there are some even more important life lessons that Steve Jobs left behind. Watch the video, but his messages about doing what you love, dealing with failure, and being passionate and persistent are valuable for everyone.



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