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HRM Definition, HRMS, Tools for HR

An HRM definition is fairly easy to provide-- normally it is referred to as an HRMS or a Human Resource Management System. In short, an HRMS provides tools for HR.

Below, we'll cover the ABCs of HRMS. If you want a refresher on the actual ABCs, Elmo and his friend are happy to oblige.

Back to the HRM definition... HRMS generally consists of the following functionality:

* Online benefit enrollment

* Benefit administration

* Time off tracking / time and attendance

* Applicant tracking

* Performance management

* Surveys

* Wellnes

* Workflows / onboarding

More important than any HRM definition is finding the HRMS that provides the customized tools for HR that you need to run your human resources department.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with details on our HRMS or an online demo.

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As you learn more about HRMS and tools for HR, be sure to keep your priorities in mind. The more narrowly focused your HRMS implementation, the better chance that you have to benefit from tools for HR in the short term. You can always add subsuquent HRMS implementation phases to broaden the impact.


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HRM Definition, HRMS, Tools for HR


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